Key Features

What is BackEnd Design?

Reporting on ALL data

Be able to track and report on any and ALL data that you collect. The possibilities become endless.


Use trends to determine the path moving forward on all of your data.

Affiliate Program

We have created an opportunity for those who could resell our services to others and receive a 20% commission.









Building Blocks (now EasyJobTracker)

Order Proceessing Software for Restoration Companies. Can be used in similar situations.

  • Track Jobs from start to finish
  • Rank Adjusters
  • Accurate Ins Co tracking
  • Customer Tracking
  • Complete PNL System
  • Try the Demo!

Bank Rebranding

Rebranding of Chemical Bank and Talmer Bank

  • Track Progress of Each Location
  • Accurate Document Tracking
  • Full Image Control
  • Responsive Design (Mobile)
  • Full Controls/Access

Install My Signs

Full Access System that allows the client to have full control of their sign placement history among other things.

  • Full Order Tracking
  • Specific Sign Placement
  • Full Sign Reporting
  • Cost Matrice Graphs
  • All Points of Data

Frequently Asked

Some frequently asked questions and answers.

Are your templates responsive?

All of our designs are responsive to keep pace with the very basic demands of the modern era of software design.

Are your templates retina ready?

Resolutions are always used as high as makes sense in relation to the importance of the image and the speed at which the page loads.

How can I update my email?

In the Account Settings of your application you will see all of your available options.

How can I keep my account private?

Make sure that the 'Private' setting is 'On' in your account settings.

Why canĀ“t I reset my password?

If the reset password or any link is not working, contact

What is included in my free trial?

You can browse and interact with any of our demo sites. Feel free to browse any of thse sites free of charge.

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